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Scrap and Auto Recyclers plan mega-meeting in Halifax in 2023

For the first time ever, the scrap and auto recycling industries will meet under one roof.nnThe Canadian Association of Recycling Industry (CARI) are hosting their 82nd Annual Convention June 8-10, 2023 in Halifax Nova Scotia. The Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC) will hold its 2023 national Board of Directors Meeting during the CARI event, plus the regional association of ARC – the Automotive Recyclers Association of Atlantic Canada (ARAAC) will hold its Annual Convention at the same time in the Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel.nnARC and ARAAC represent the dismantling/parts side of the auto recycling sector, while CARI represents the materials/shredding side of the sector. There is tremendous overlap in their membership, interest and issues.nn“Auto recyclers have a growing interest in scrap markets, opportunities and challenges. While we focus on vehicle acquisition, parts recovery and sales – there is a huge overlap with the efficient and safe processing of vehicles with the CARI membership,” said Steve Fletcher, Managing Director of ARC. “To make it really interesting, some of the shredders biggest customers are the large auto dismantlers, and some of the increasing profit opportunities for auto dismantlers are coming from scrap markets from old vehicles. We also have a lot of vendors in common – from insurance to health benefits to equipment providers.”nn“We are delighted to come together with the members of ARC and ARAAC at this meeting, and to have the chance to learn from and with each other,” said Tracy Shaw, CEO and President of CARI. “Our industries are facing many of the same challenges and opportunities, so now is the ideal time to collaborate.”nnEach organization will run their event somewhat separately, but there will be plenty of time built in for networking and some joint educational sessions affecting all organizations. It is expected that electric vehicles will be a big topic as the move to more electric vehicles on the road, and eventually needing to come off the road, is affecting both sectors, but sometimes in different ways.nnCollaboration within the end-of-life vehicle sector has always generated benefits for everyone involved. Having all segments of the industry under one roof with the chance to meet, interact, learn and share will likely encourage the collaboration and engagement.nnCARI 82nd Annual Convention, ARC Board of Directors, ARAAC Convention & Trade ShownHalifax Marriott Harbourfront Hoteln1919 Upper Water Street, Halifax, NSnJune 8-10, 2023nnFull details of the various events will be posted here – and