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ELV Waste Disposal Site Guidance Manual Training and Education

The Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA) and Prime Environmental have pulled together, in one convenient solution, all of the necessary items to better understand your compliance obligations for the new EASR End-of-Life Vehicle Waste Disposal Site regulations required by the Ontario Ministry of Environment.

This Guidance Manual will assist owners and managers develop and train employees to comply with regulations, and provide a starting point for developing your facility’s environmental program.

In addition to simplifying the requirements, the Guidance Manual also provides practical tools, forms and Industry’s Best Management Practices. As information continues to develop, you will be updated on changes, enhancements and interpretations relevant to your business.

The service consists of two (2) elements – a Guidance Manual, which can be digitally downloaded and printed at your location or a pre-printed manual with all the materials PLUS an optional onsite implementation service for those ELV processors who have not had an audit to the Canadian Auto Recyclers Environmental Code (CAREC).

What’s Included

A. Record keeping templates

  • Contingency Plan
  • Fugitive Dust Control Plan
  • Refrigerant Removal Log
  • Weekly Storage Inspection Log
  • Crushing and Shearing Log
  • Employee Training Log
  • Depollution Equipment Inspection Log

B. Guidance Documents

  • Developing Your Environmental Program (Table of Contents)
  • ELV Facility Design & Operations Guidance
  • ELV Facility Safety Standards Guidance
  • Review Protocols
  • Sample Contingency Plan Maps
  • Hazardous Components and Fluids Quick Reference Guides
  • Occupational Health & Safety Information specific to ELV Processing
  • Ontario Regulation 85/16 and 86/16

C. Regular Updates

  • As new information and resources are developed, these Updates will be made available to those selecting the digital download or contacting the OARA Office.

What’s Not Included

  • Equipment training and maintenance manuals for your specific equipment due to the myriad of equipment choices
  • A site plan specific to your facility
  • Employee training to the Manual contents

How to Order?

There are two ways to order your Compliance Manual:

1) Digitally for instant access; or

2) Pre-printed and mailed

As well, there are two types of packages that can be ordered:

1) With an implementation consultation; or

2) Without** an implementation consultation. The implementation consultation comes with a two (2) hour onsite visit with Greg Thomas from Prime Environmental and the developer of the Compliance Manual.

**NOTE:** ordering without an implementation consultation can only occur with businesses that have a previous CAREC audit – the Canadian Auto Recyclers Environmental Code audit.

__ Digital download, plus a two (2) hour implementation consultation @ $825 + HST

__ Printed manual with inserts, plus a two (2) hour implementation consultation @ $930 + HST (+$20 shipping)

__ Digital download @ $400 + HST

__ Printed manual with inserts @ $505 + HST (+$20 shipping)

To order – download and print the Order Form HERE, or go to our Online Order Form.

Note: The Guidance Manual is not intended as legal or professional advice. The Manual is to be used for guidance and a starting point for developing your environmental, and health & safety program. The materials provide practical guidance on regulatory requirements and the Industry’s Best Management Practices.

End-of-Lie Vehicle Waste Disposal Site Environmental Review & Guidance Manual