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Become a Member / Member Benefits

Benefits of Membership

Be Recognized as an Industry Leader

OARA is the recognized brand of the modern automotive recycling industry in Ontario. By proudly displaying the OARA logo, you’ll share in the prestige and respect our association has garnered with consumers, vehicle repairers and insurers. OARA is also the global leader in the development of the “Green Recycled Parts” brand.

Vehicle Recycling Programs

OARA manages a variety of vehicle recycling programs, such as Car Heaven and Retire Your Ride, and with the auto manufacturers to promote the responsible retirement of end-of-life vehicles. These vehicle recycling programs benefit ALL participants: the Vehicle Donor, the Recycler, OARA, OEMs, and our Charity Partners. We annually process over 5,000 vehicles which go exclusively to ARC Members. Please contact the Office for full details.

Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC)

Direct membership in OARA gives you automatic membership in the Automotive Recyclers of Canada national association. OARA is one of the founding Members of ARC, representing 370 professional auto recyclers across Canada. ARC works with other national associations such as the Automotive Recyclers Association (USA), Japan Automotive Recyclers Association, European Group of Automotive Recycler Associations, Malaysian Automotive Recyclers Association, Motor Vehicle Dismantlers Association of Great Britain, Auto Parts Recyclers Association of Australia, and Auto Recycling Netherlands. ARC oversees the several vehicle retirement programs, the Canadian Auto Recyclers Environmental Code (CAREC), and the Gold Seal business assurance program.

Training & Education

We have pulled together, in one convenient solution, all of the necessary items to better understand your compliance obligations for the new EASR End-of-Life Vehicle Waste Disposal Site regulations required by the Ontario Ministry of Environment. This Guidance Manual will assist owners and managers develop and train employees to comply with regulations, and provide a starting point for developing your facility’s environmental program. In addition to simplifying the requirements, the Guidance Manual also provides practical tools, forms and Industry’s Best Management Practices. As information continues to develop, you will be updated on changes, enhancements and interpretations relevant to your business. For more information –

General Insurance Program

OARA Associate Members have developed an industry-specific insurance programs that includes coverage for Property; Liability, Auto, and Garage Auto. Our insurance program has been in place for over 10 years with an educated insurance carrier and an experienced and knowledgeable insurance broker. Some members have seen healthy rate decreases, while others simply enjoy the ease and convenience of readily available insurance for recyclers.

Associate Members Cowan Insurance Group or D.G. Bevan Insurance Brokers can help.

Packaging Supplies

Gertex Solutions offer Members preferred pricing on all your packaging supplies with an emphasis on Edgeboard, Bubble Wrap, Packing Tape, Stretch Wrap, Angle Board, and Fanfold Cardboard. Using the buying power of the group, great pricing is available along with the convenience of online ordering. For more information or to sign up, contact Eric Kemp at 289-783-5580 or [email protected].

Cardinal Couriers

OARA has worked with Cardinal Couriers to develop a partnership program aimed at maximizing customer service for Members. Using their vault delivery service you will be able to place orders with your fellow members much later in the day and have them delivered to your vault before 8:00AM the next morning, including Saturdays. You may also ship to other customers within your service area. As an OARA member you will receive substantial savings on this great service.


ARC has reached an agreement with Freightcom for a group shipping program with savings for ARC Members, and a quarterly residual going to ARC to help fund operations and initiatives.

Freightcom is a cloud-based software platform that makes it easy to manage your entire shipping process and take advantage of their discounted shipping rates. The Freightcom technology platform is innovative, easy-to-use and can help to optimize your shipping process and lower your shipping costs. They’ve transformed the entire process of calling a carrier, obtaining a rate, booking a shipment tracking the shipment, confirming delivery and much more. Sourcing your own rates from multiple carriers can be too slow, too difficult and too time-consuming, so streamline your process by using our Freightcom technology that can integrate, consolidate and improve the entire end-to-end shipping process. To sign up, go to and use promo code “PromoCodeARCPartnership.”

For more info, contact our dedicated account rep Suzanne Kehren at (289) 371-1005 or [email protected].

Day & Ross Transportation

OARA has negotiated very attractive cross Canada shipping rates with Day & Ross Transportation, one of Canada’s premier LTL and TL transportation solution providers. For more information contact Marita Cornell, Day & Ross, 519-318-9370, [email protected]

Loomis Express

OARA’s newest shipping partnership is with Loomis Express. They specialize in cartoned deliveries (i.e., converyorable freight) up to 75lbs, and are a traditional B2B courier company with service across Canada. They offer special rates for OARA Members that can save you up to 58%. For more information contact. Meaghan Conway at [email protected] or call (226) 378-4676.

Drop Zone Hub

OARA manages a Drop Zone with Cardinal Couriers that sees 30-40 Members drop off and pick up parts from fellow Members on a daily basis. Located near the Toronto airport, the Drop Zone helps move products efficiently and safely between Members at very reasonable monthly access rates. Extra fees apply beyond the OARA membership dues.

Online Inventory Search

If you are already uploading your inventory information to your inventory will then also be listed on the OARA website search page and the ARC website search page free.

Parts Procurement Programs

Gold Seal OARA Members have an exclusive access to join ProgiParts for the sale of recycled parts to collision shops across Ontario. To participate contact Progi at 1- 855-310-6343 or [email protected]. Learn more about us:

APU Solutions‘ web-based PartsNetwork® search engine returns parts availability, description, quality, pricing and online procurement options. We think of it as real steel in real time. Anyone who cares about the environment is thankful that we dramatically increase the use of recycled auto parts. To make sure your parts are listed on PartsNetwork® contact Dan Fernandez at (913) 599-1600 or [email protected] or go to

Scrap Tire Recycling

Environmental 360 Solutions is an active Associate Member of OARA, working with Members across Ontario with the prompt and efficient hauling of their scrap tires. For more information contact Ryan Politewicz at ‭(905) 401-2705‬ or [email protected].

Employee Benefits

Canadian Recyclers Health Benefits, in affiliation with OARA Health Benefits, is a fully pooled association plan for recyclers to participate in providing life, disability, critical illness, health and dental benefits. With companies across Ontario pooled together, this association plan helps to reduce rates and spreads the risk. This in turn allows for more favourable renewals preventing large increases that are often seen on many stand-alone plans. For more information contact Jodi La Plante at 905-523-6681 or [email protected].

Waste Management Services

OARA Members receive preferred pricing from Heritage-Crystal Clean on the pickup of their waste oil. Heritage-Crystal Clean is a full service waste mangement company that offers pick up of used glycol, oil filters and empty plastic containers through Ontario Stewardship. For more information contact Jon Abrams at 1 (800) 387-0573 or [email protected]

Employee Scholarship Program

OARA raises funds throughout the year to provide post-secondary education assistance and apprentice assistance to qualified children of OARA Direct Member employees. For more information go to our Scholarship page.

Deluxe (formerly NEBS)

We’re pleased to be a preferred association partner. Save 15% on any Deluxe product using your Member Code 19731. Now is the time to stock up on everything you need while saving: cheques and forms that help you manage your day-to-day business; promotional products and print marketing that help get you noticed; personalized, quality apparel to outfit your team; and much more! To order, call 1.800.461.7572 or shop online at

Double Walled Storage Tanks

The OARA Purchasing Committee has negotiated a group rate with DTE Industries for 3 sizes of double walled storage tanks. DTE Industries (2010) Limited has been designing and manufacturing custom built projects for the oil and gas industry along with many other other commercial customers for over five decades. DTE Industries (2010) Limited is an industry leader in fluid containment. Their experience with ground breaking patented products allow them to assist both large and small industries in their need to comply with stringent environmental protection laws. Secondary containment issues are their specialty. Contact Robin Vincent at 1-800-387-1400 Ext 306 or [email protected].

Refrigerant Disposal Program

OARA Members save 11% on the disposal of R12 or contaminated R134A with Fielding Chemical Technologies. The cost is $16 per kg plus shipping to Fielding at 3575 Mavis Road, Mississauga ON L5C 1T7. Contact Clint Oshowy for more information – 905-265-0635 or [email protected].

Aftermarket Auto Parts

Wholesale Auto Parts Warehouses is committed to selling only to wholesale accounts – no retail, garages, bodyshops or dealers. They offer special wholesale pricing to all Members and will meet or beat all competitor pricing. They also provide occasional rebates or special pricing. To find out more call Wholesale at 613-524-2400.

Salvage Vehicle Auctions

  • IAA waives all registration and renewal fees for OARA Members. They also have preferred Pull Fees and a Volume Discount Program for ARC Members. For more information, contact our dedicated customer service staff and address any issues – Troy Edwards at 416-843-1281 and Kasia Siodlak at 647-330-6002. IAA also has regional Site Sales that Members can bid on vehicles directly.
  • Copart Canada provides a free first-time Premier Membership ($265 one-time value), as well as annual renewals ($265 annual value) for all OARA Members. If OARA Directs sign up for Copart’s Auto Delivery Service, Copart will also waive their gate fees ($59 value per purchased vehicle). To obtain your free Premier Membership, or receive more information on Copart Canada, please contact Paula Keller at 289-251-1860 or [email protected].
  • Stark Auto Sales waives all buyer registration and loading fees on their auction and direct sales purchases. For more information to to
  • ProgiPix Auto Auction. Access a private salvage auction for recyclers only with units coming directly from insurers’ claims. Expand your operations (towing, storage, etc.) as a member of the network. To participate contact Progi at 1-855-310-6343 or [email protected]. Learn more about us:

Website Design & Hosting

Montana Publishing offers reduced rates on website design and hosting for OARA Members, and you get a free link from OARA’s website.

Telephone On-Hold Marketing Messages

Hold Please Communication provides regular Member-only pricing promotions on some of their most popular on-hold messaging packages. Download their latest offer HERE or contact Joe Di Giorgio at (519) 972-7171 x121 or [email protected].

News Updates

To keep you informed on what’s new in the industry and with the association, OARA publishes regular Member Updates via email and fax. If you want to stay current and know what is happening in your industry, this is the place to be. Our Associate Members benefit by being able to talk directly to recyclers about their products and services.


OARA undertakes a wide variety of advertising and public relations on behalf of the industry, association and individual members. Through the Green Recycled Parts branding strategy, OARA links insurers, repairers and the public to OARA Members to demonstrate the benefit of using Green Recycled Parts and selling their vehicles to OARA Members. OARA handles the “top-down” advertising and provides numerous “bottom-up” marketing resources in our Member Only section of the website to give Members the tools to promote their business. Brochures, posters, videos, tabloids, radio jingles, ad mats, logos, directories, media releases, etc are all available to separate OARA Members from the competition.

OARA also has an active Social Media presence to help build a strong audience for your local messaging. OARA Facebook page; Twitter feed; YouTube.

Networking and Learning

OARA is committed to improving communications between all its members. All OARA members are invited to attend our twice-yearly meetings (March and September) to discuss industry topics. These three-day events include committee meetings, yard tours, educational and training seminars, a full trade show in March, and a variety of social and networking activities.

Members can build a strong network of contacts through participation in association committees, meetings, conventions and social events. Knowledge and experiences can be acquired through the exchange of ideas, or new trading relationships established, without interfering with normal competitive relationships.

Government, Industry and Public Relations

OARA is constantly informing key decision makers about the auto recycling industry and our importance to the overall economy and environment. Effective advocacy is one of the keys to a successful industry future. Working with related automotive and recycling associations further enhances our activities and exposes auto recyclers to a wealth of opportunities. Here are some of the groups that we maintain regular communications with: Automotive Recyclers Association, Auto Recyclers of Canada, Used Car Dealers Association, Collision Industry Action Group, Canada Council of Motor Transport Administrators, OMVIC, IBC Claims Committee. OARA is the voice of the auto recycling industry in Ontario with governments and with the public. Through articles, speaking engagements, advertising, participation in coalitions, and publishing information about the industry, OARA promotes the importance of our sector and its member companies. OARA attempts to create a receptive environment in which members can conduct their business by working with the media, industry and governments.

Resource Centre

No time to track down the specifics of legislation changes, environment and safety regulations, transportation or communication issues? Call the OARA office and get the information you need, either directly or by referral.

Professional Staff

Members have access to full time professional staff that provide information and advice on recycling issues.