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Environmental Groups Awarded $100,000 through Grants in Gear Program

October 22, 2013. Toronto ON – The Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC) has teamed up with Summerhill Impact to launch a new granting initiative, Grants in Gear. This nation-wide program will provide funding to four Canadian environmental non profit organizations or entrepreneurial groups.nnKey Points of the Program:nn• Grant applications can be made until November 22, 2013;nn• $100,000 in charitable funds will be shared between four chosen applications, worth a maximum of $25,000 each;nn• The Green Recycled Parts Impact Award, worth up to an additional $5,000 will be given to the applicant who is best able to show how the grant will be used to help them further achieve their long term goal.nnARC consists of approximately 400 vehicle recyclers and dismantlers from across Canada whose businesses achieve great results for the environment in areas of waste diversion, energy savings, emissions reductions and pollution prevention. ARC members collectively recycle an average of 400,000 cars each year, diverting nearly 400,000 metric tons from landfill. Over 80% of the entire vehicle by weight is reused, re-manufactured or recycled saving an estimated 80 million barrels of oil annually that would be required to produce new replacement parts. In addition, the amount of toxic oils and fluids safely reclaimed by auto recyclers is equivalent to eight Exxon Valdez disasters every year.nn”ARC Members are community-based, small businesses that properly recycle end-of-life vehicles to the Canadian Auto Recyclers Environmental Code”, states Steve Fletcher, Managing Director of ARC. “We started the Grants in Gear program to recognize our members, and to give back to like-minded enterprises that represent the core elements of our membership – local, sustainable, and striving to improve Canadian society.”nnThose interested in applying are encouraged to contact Caroline Sturk at Summerhill to discuss their project in more detail (416-922-2448 x286, [email protected]). The application package and more information can be found at and applications will be accepted until midnight (EST) on November 22, 2013.nnThe Grants in Gear team will evaluate applications through a three-phrase scoring system. In the initial phase, Summerhill Impact will ensure that applicants have followed the rules set out in the Application Guide. Proposals that follow the set criteria will then be passed to the selection committee who will give a score out of 100. The Green Recycled Parts Impact Award section will be scored separately.nnAs the national voice of the automotive recycling industry, ARC provides a forum for channeling information and addressing Canada-wide concerns. ARC represents 420 professional auto recycling companies through seven Provincial Member Associations. For more information visit www.autorecyclers.cannFor over 15 years, they have designed and delivered some of Canada’s largest and most successful public engagement campaigns. Visit for more information.nn- 30 –nnTo book an interview, please contact Kelly Drennan, Third Eye Media at 416-458-1491 or [email protected]Grants in Gear media release