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Stark Auto Sales

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Service Description: Originally founded in Toronto during the early 1960’s, Stark Auto Sales has evolved into a fully functioning used car dealership focusing on insurance recovery vehicles. Through weekly salvage auctions which are held on Mondays, or through general retail, Stark Auto Sales caters to all industry players, and in particular, auto wreckers. There is no better way to stock up on inventory and parts while saving money and avoiding extensive auction fees. Our inventory is comprised of damaged vehicles, lightly damaged vehicles, and theft recoveries. Vehicles of all make and models, new and old can be found here at Stark’s, and the inventory is updated daily. Furthermore, not only do we have your high-end exotic cars and everyday domestic cars, we also have motorcycles, ATV’s, skidoos, trailers and more. Please visit our website, it is updated on a daily basis.

119 Union Street



M6N 3N4

Phone: 416-654-7222

Contact Person
Joshua Stark

Toronto, ON M6N 3N4, Canada