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Power Metal Recycling Inc

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Service Description: Power Metal Recycling Inc. is a ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal recycler specializing in catalytic converters located in Mississauga Ontario, Canada. In today’s competitive market, paying the highest prices and offering an honest grading system is just the beginning of how we manage our business. Due to our strong work ethic and dedication to serving our customers, we receive most of our business through referrals and repeat clientele. At Power Metal Recycling Inc. we customize pick up services based on our customers’ needs, both in volume, frequency and materials being sold. We have fleet available to handle both small and large loads for pick up. Although we are a sprouting company, we have established strong business foundations with some of Canada’s top buyers, scrap yards, metal recycler, towing companies and muffler shops. We purchase catalytic converters, rims, copper, brass, aluminum, iron, lead, stainless steel and much more.

7440 Tranmere Drive



L5S 1K4

Phone: (905) 361-2458

Fax: (905) 361-2458

Contact Person
Piotr Paradiuk