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UCIT Security

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Service Description: UCIT Online Security is a premium service provider of building and compound security products & services. Our industry leading live video monitoring service which leverages state of the art self learning video analytics allows UCIT to proactively deter, detect, analyze and respond to crime/trespassers in real time. Our LVM operators are able to react to these events as they're occurring in real time and will use our voice down technology to speak to the trespassers directly and instruct them to leave the site immediately as well as notify the authorities of the event that has occurred. The reaction time of police when a UCIT operator calls to report an event results in much faster response time as we are able to confirm to the officers that something is occurring with video verified real time evidence. We are currently on over 700 sites across Canada, and average 20-25 arrests each month with approximately 70-80 potential crimes prevented by engaging the suspects with our Strobe/Voice Down technology.

6441 Northam Drive



L4V 1J2

Phone: 416-578-3594

Contact Person
Peter Laing